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The Reason Behind Why Indians Prefer Moving Abroad

It’s no secret that there are Indians living overseas. Indians happen to be the largest diaspora population in the world. This is an on-going trend for decades now, with Indians ever so eager to travel abroad for studies or job opportunities.


In this post we dug up the reasons behind why such a large number of people opt to move abroad and some of the problems that are associated with it. Also the various ways by which problems of moving abroad can be dealt with are mentioned.



The Big ‘WHY’


In the year 2015, over 20 million Indians departed from India. That’s almost a 250% raise in the last ten years. The number of NRI’s have kept on climbing throughout the years and with due reason. In India the career options available are limited. While a brilliant information technology student is viewed as someone sitting on a gold mine, an equally brilliant dancer may barely scrape by.


In other words, people with potential in India often fail to gain any recognition. This is a persistent problem for the youth, as society pushes them towards professions which are profitable rather than their passion and interest. The better pay abroad is definitely another influential factor during decision making.


The quickly raising pollution and population of Indian metropolitan cities is making it uninhabitable. The health effects are alarming, and with the booming population, competition is cut throat.


For those interested in research, there are two predominant components- funding and facilities. There is better scope abroad with respect to both. Irrespective of which profession you’re in, anyone can tell you how slow ‘the system’ is in India. This is a huge setback for dynamic, workaholic people. Or anyone who is passionate about their work.


Moving abroad comes along with a sense of freedom. This freedom is chased by majority youngsters who want freedom with less interference from elders, prying relatives and society. Now, how one uses or misuses this freedom is another whole ballgame.



What are some of the Issues Involved?


No matter which side of the ocean you’re sitting on, it’s a common notion to assume that the grass is greener on the other side. But being in another country comes with a set of problems of its’ own. One of the most obvious ones being, alienation. If alienation continues, it can lead to home sickness and depression.


Most Indians grow up with an extensive list of cousins, neighbours and dear ones. On moving abroad there’s a lack of an emotional support system which can trigger poor emotional health. Language barrier is another commonly faced setback in non-English speaking countries. Additionally, a serious issue felt by Indians moving abroad is the excess workload that is constantly present. It barely leaves any personal time or time for friends and family.


Moving abroad for higher education is a popular choice among Indians. It also happens to be an extravagantly costly affair for the middle class Indian. Taking such a hefty sum must be dealt with carefully, and the repayment plans thought of thoroughly so it doesn’t lead to financial suicide.



How Can One Overcome These Issues?


If you’re considering moving abroad soon, here are a few things you can do to avoid some of the issues mentioned. As basic as it may sound, give your new destination some time. With time, you’ll have the chance to adapt to your surroundings, and it will eventually become familiar and less daunting. We urge you to make an effort to love and respect your new address.


When you attempt to pick up the local tongue and learn about the culture that you’re living in, you’ll automatically feel less alienated. While bringing your whole family along with you is tempting, it isn’t a very smart advice. So we suggest you utilise the benefits of social media to the fullest! Be ready to spend endless hours video calling and on internet phone calls.


For financial matters, we advise you plan it down to every number. Whether or not you want to work part time or work only after you finish studying, are all decisions you should take from beforehand. Don’t forget that you should plan according to how long you plan to spend abroad.


If you’re looking to go abroad, or are already abroad, what are the reasons that drive you? There are endless positives and negatives to every place. It all comes down to where we are happy and the reasons behind our satisfaction. While for some its’ career scope, others give priority to healthy, pollution free environment. Others argue that family is the ultimate happiness. The question we should all ask ourselves is, am I where I want to be? And if not, where do I see myself going?


Hopefully, the answer to these question will paint a clear picture of where you prefer to stay and why.


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