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Typical Salary Increase When Changing Job

Important facts you need to note about salary increase:


  • The average salary increase an employee can expect in 2016 is around 3%.
  • The average underperforming employee can expect a 1.3% salary increase
  • The best performers with the workplace can hope for a 4.5% raise.
  • The inflation rate is currently at an average of 2.71 % calculated by the Office for National Statistics.


Let this sink in, this means that your salary is expected to increase by less than 1% this year - if you are lucky. However, the average salary increase for an employee who acquires a new job is between a 10% to 20% increase.


The Secret That Your Employer Doesn't Want You to Know


The secret that employers don’t want you to know is that in the current market, employees are earning less on average every year. There is down to a whole multitude of reasons but it is important that you start to take charge of your career and consider changing job. You can then look forward to being one of the few people who will enjoy a significant salary increase this year.


The most important question you need to ask yourself


Does my CV and covering letter market me in the best possible way to obtain that salary increase? If you are really serious about getting a salary increase, send us your CV for a expert assessment and review. We will give you a quick assessment as to whether you are sufficiently prepared for this next step. We help hundreds of clients everyday to acquire their desired salary increase so now it is the time that you stopped hoping for a salary increase at your current job and instead start taking action to give yourself the assets so you are within the small % that see a salary increase this year.



What do you need to do to change job and increase your salary by more than 30%?


Career Consultants 3 TOP TIPS


We recommend to all our clients who want to secure a significant salary increase and the perfect job to:


  1. Really promote their benefits and value to both recruiters and employers
  2. Make sure their job target is in line with their career purpose.
  3. Use proven salary negotiation techniques in the interview.


If you would like to avoid the pains of doing this process yourself, why not work together. Complete the form below and share with us your own career challenge and we will suggest an actionable plan that will work.


What's in it for you?  A significant salary increase and much better career prospects.

Start Here - Share your career challenge with us by filling in the form below - and we will email you back with some professional career advice and a plan of what to do next.

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Get a Job Fast On-Line Programme


What is the Get a Job Fast Programme?


A streamlined on-line career transition programme to help those people who are searching for a new job, change career or looking to gain more fulfilment and rewards from their career.


  • Perfect your CV and LinkedIn profile in order to attract a top salary job
  • Discover how to easy it is to find exciting jobs that you never knew existed
  • Boost your interview techniques and overall confidence
  • Learn how to apply proven salary negotiation techniques
  • Develop your career and your on-line profile.


What is included?


  • You will work directly with Sarah Berry
  • A New Look CV and LinkedIn profile
  • A detailed career profile that will unveil your career passions and desires
  • Career exercises to enable you to take your career to the next level
  • Career advice to help you to unblock an unleash your true career potential
  • Podcasts offering you practical career advice and techniques to enhance your newly developed job search strategies
  • Written career material to help you to develop your long-term career strategies
  • Full email support and career advice from Sarah Berry and her team of career experts.


Where do I start?


Contact us now and let’s start working together today to discover the quickest and simplest way to gain the job and salary that you feel you deserve.





Career Consultants 3 TOP TIPS


95% of UK employers are disappointed by the quality of the CVs and applications they receive.


Imagine what a difference a new look CV can make to your job hunt.


'My new CV has attracted more attention in the last 12 hours than it has in 2 months. I like the new format, appreciate the approach and strategy, and it is not something I would have been happy doing myself, as I lacked the required objectivity,' says James.


Tell us about your career needs and receive

help from a trained professional

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Your Salary Increase that you receive will depend on how well you have promoted your value to your new employer?

Doing the same thing, time and time again, will inevitably lead to the same results - a small or insignificant increase for you.


If you have chosen the easy way out and just listed your previous experience on your CV in chronological order, then the salary increase that you are likely to get will be minimal (or possibly negative depending on how many people apply).


If you have chosen to present how you can add value to the new company in your CV and then underpinned this promise in your CV and at the interview, you can expect a salary increase far beyond the one that you would have received, if you had stayed put.


Simple Ways to Significantly Increase your Salary


There are, however, ways to significantly increase your salary.  Recently, Sarah Berry of Career Consultants, worked with Dean and doubled his salary by changing job.  What did she do?  Sarah developed Dean's CV and LinkedIn profile and substantially grew his network of connections.  This allowed Dean to by-pass the job boards altogether and liaise directly with key decision makers within his chosen target companies.  However, Dean wasn't an exception.  Career Consultants do this all the time.  By working alongside clients as their career coach and career mentor, our team of experts help job-hunters, like yourself, to maximise their earning potential.


"Most job-hunters are afraid to ask for too much money as they fear rejection.  They feel if they ask for £10k more than they are currently earning, that the employer will offer the job to someone else.  By viewing the recruitment process from an employer's perspective rather than seeing it as a Dutch auction, you discover ways to negotiate a far higher salary than you expected.  Employers are looking for someone special.  Most employers are prepared to pay more for someone who they feel will make a great contribution and add more value to the company.  If the employer sees you as being that person, you can expect an offer of a much higher salary." says Sarah Berry


Simply asking for a higher salary will inevitably lead to rejection.


By just saying you want more, there is every likelihood that you will be treated like Oliver Twist. However, as long as you are able to demonstrate the value that you can contribute to a company and this exceeds the amount you want to receive in return, you can negotiate a higher salary if you know how.  It needs to be reflected in your CV though hence as a starting point we suggest you begin by having your CV assessed.


Conveying your expertise - by taking one more step in the right direction


You may choose to go one step further and rapidly improve your earning potential in the future.  The way to do this is by demonstrating your expertise in your specialist area.


Everyone has a specialist area of expertise - even if someone can just file and retrieve information in a filing cabinet faster than someone else. If you choose to tell other people about the ways in which you can help them by sharing your expertise (commonly known as a company's pain point), you will be continuously demonstrating your expertise.


You can do this be creating your own website and blog, by using social media or both. What will happen very quickly indeed is people will search for your name or you will appear in searches under your specialist area of expertise and people will immediately recognise your value and the contribution you can make.


Easy to share value these days


Sharing your expertise, which will quickly lead to exciting new career opportunities at a level of salary previously unimaginable, may sound difficult but these days it is so much easier. All you need is a website, blog and LinkedIn account. By combining these three platforms you can create a very positive image of yourself. Most people avoid this step in their career as they feel it will take too much time and effort.  However, Career Consultants offers to do much of hard work for you.  We can show you ways that will really promote you as being an expert and specialist in your chosen profession.


For those people who really want to be at the top of their profession


The ultimate step to career "fame and fortune" is having your own book.  Think of people who you recognise as being right at the top and they all have one or more books to their name.  Most people feel that having a book is only reserved for television celebrities and film-stars.  This isn't the case.  Anyone can get published these days and it needn't be that difficult either.  Career Consultants can again help you - we will even write it for you if you so choose.


Plonk your published book on the desk at your next job interview and you change the balance of the interview and salary negotiation process in your favour.  For a few thousand pounds, you could be adding tens of thousands to your salary for years to come.


Share with us what you are looking for and we will develop a plan for you


Why not complete the form below and share with us what you are looking for in terms of your next career move and we'll develop a suitable career development plan for you.




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