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What benefit does LinkedIn have over a job-board?

Five years ago, I would have said that using job-board was your best job-hunting strategy – and it still has its benefits.  However, with the right approach, LinkedIn is now offering job-hunters something really special.


It only takes a few minutes to apply for a job via one of the major job-boards.  However, you will compete with thousands and thousands of other job-hunters and it can sometimes prove tough to make yourself stand out – even with a great CV.


The fact is LinkedIn has something special to offer you and LinkedIn offers you a way to stand out as a candidate.   It goes without saying that you need to invest as much time in developing your LinkedIn profile as your CV.  You need to add the right business photograph, tune your headline, sell yourself in the summary section and showcase your achievements in the work history section.  Once you have done all this and created a 500+ profile, the new world of employment will open up to you.

I help job-hunters, like you, open up employment opportunities with their chosen employer via LinkedIn.  Imagine creating a list of companies that you would love to work for and actually landing your ideal job with one of these employers.  If you love sport, you may want to work for Adidas or Nike. If you love cars, you may want to work for Audi, Aston Martin or Ferrari.  If you love drama, you may want to work for a theatre in the West End.  Are you REALLY focusing on what you love and who you would like to work for?


LinkedIn could be the key to your career success.  If you use it correctly, you could open up REAL job and career opportunities too.  Your dream job can become a reality, if you adopt the right LinkedIn approach.


I have spent the last 6 months searching and testing the best way to perfect a LinkedIn job-hunting strategy which is now available through my LinkedIn e-programme  – see below.  The rewards are there for you too.  In my opinion, it is a good investment of your time to use LinkedIn rather than applying for jobs blindly.


BY: Sarah Berry

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