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What Job Should I Do Quiz

The question, “What job should I be doing?” is one that you have probably asked yourself at least once in your career. Some people are still asking this question well into their thirties, forties and even fifties. It can be very unsettling to be in a job that does not suit you and you may feel out of sorts, unhappy or unfulfilled as a result of it. However, whatever your age, there are lots of different career options and choices. It is a matter of being willing to review them.


What is The Answer?


How do you decide what career path you are going to follow? How do you change career path if you are not happy in your current job?


One Ridiculously Simple Way to Decide What Job You Should Do


There is one ridiculously simple way to find out. It will only take five minutes to find out and it has proven time and time again to be one of the most useful career management tools available. Using Disc proven algorithms and just 28 quick answer questions, you will get a very clear idea of the types of roles that you are well suited to.


The Disc system helps you to identify your personality type and understand more about your own career needs, motivators and aspirations. Once you have this information to hand, it is much easier to carve out your career path in the knowledge that you are heading in the right direction. It is also very important that you focus on what you want long-term and start to build the career that you really want. It may also be useful to discuss your options with a career consultant so that you can fast track the career change process.


Why is it so Important to Fill out a ‘What Job Should I do’ Quiz?


A job quiz allows you to answer the questions honestly about yourself and also to remain emotionally detached, at the same time. Detachment from your job situation or desired outcome is essential if you want to tap into your real career purpose or passion.


Following your career passion or purpose is far stronger than doing a job that you feel you should do or ought to do. Passion however, it not always easy to hook into as many people have had lots of stronger influencers in their life to-date. These early or current influencers in your career may be your parent/s, teacher/s or partner/s.


How Do You Know What You Truly Desire?


Many people simply don’t know what they want to do career wise. They often choose something based upon what they think they can do rather they want they really want to do. In short, they use their head or mind to solve their career issues rather than their heart. As a result of adopting this strategy, many people are still searching for their dream or ideal career for much of their working life.


Career decisions based upon the head rather than the heart tend to be based upon logical facts and past experiences. However, many of the jobs that exist today did not exist 10 years ago. It is, therefore, strange to make decisions about something that is so important to you based upon the past or what other people think you should be doing.


On the other hand, it is far stronger to base your career decisions upon your emotions and what feels truly right to YOU. Your feelings and emotions are what provide the motivation to get things done in your career. They also energise you and help you to sustain your focus, sense of fun and satisfaction.


Your career is too short and precious to do things that you feel you should do, ought to do or must do. This route only tends to lead to a life of struggle, pressure and at times failure. By identifying your true heart’s desire, you will re-set your career course and often achieve a higher level of success, fulfillment and satisfaction than even you dreamed possible.


The “What Job Should I Do” quiz allows you to stand back from any past or current career highs or lows and helps you to tap into your ‘true-self’. If you can stretch to it, opt for the profile with a career consultancy session as the consultant will talk you through the career options possible for you.


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You are just 5 minutes away from the answer

It can be very unsettling to be in the wrong job. Maybe you have a feeling that you should be on a different career path or in a different role.


Would you like to find out what job or career would be a better match for you?


You are just 5 minutes away from finding out. If you choose to complete a DISC profile and have an hour’s telephone career consultancy session with leading career expert Sarah Berry, you will have all this information to hand. The DISC profile is astoundingly accurate and it offers you all sorts of career options and choices. Is it time to take a step towards your career success and fulfillment?


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