"What Job Would Suit Me?"  Answered In One Simple Question

​Remember when you were a kid and anything seemed possible? Here's the grown-up version of "What job would suit me?"


It's never too late to ask it and make sure you're getting the right answer.


That's because you spend a significant portion of your life at work. It makes sense to keep asking yourself what job best suits you.


Do you really want to waste all your time "just working for a pay-check"?


Because the right career brings you more than success. It delivers happiness too, and it's hard to put a real price on that. In fact, if you're not truly happy in your job now, then you're wasting a glorious opportunity for a much more rewarding and fulfilling career.


An unhappy career can not only damage you psychologically, it can also hurt your relationships and prosperity for many years to come.


Here's the quick and easy way to determine what job would suit you: focus on your interests rather than your qualifications. Yes, it's really that simple.


What's your real passion in life? What interests you so intensely that time just falls away when you're engaged with it?


That's the kind of job that would make you happiest.


Make that the starting point for investigating your better and happier future career direction.


And don't give up if you don't have relevant experience or qualifications -- yet.


That's because all job categories and careers have low-level entry points. Seek out ideas, information and people with interesting jobs. Find out what they enjoy, how they got into their line of work, and who else can help you learn more.


Now here's what else can help point you toward a truly happy and fulfilling career direction.


How A Career Management Profile Helps You Answer "What Job Should I Have?"


Let's go the next step farther.


Now that you've begun thinking about your real interests and passions, our easy five minute test helps you decide what career fits you best.


We call it a Career Management Profile, and it's been proven time and time again to be one of the most useful career management tools available.


It's just 20 quick-answer questions and it uses DiSC proven algorithms to give you a very clear idea of the types of roles you're well suited to.


The Disc system helps you to identify your personality type and understand more about your own career motivators and aspirations. This information makes it much easier to carve out your career path in the right direction. That's because it helps you focus on what you want long-term.


Why Is It So Important To Fill Out Our ‘What Job Would Suit Me’ Quiz?


By answering the questions about yourself honestly, you'll remain emotionally detached from the outcome. And detachment from your job situation or desired outcome is essential for tapping into your real career purpose.


Following your career passion is far more rewarding than doing any old job you feel you "should do" or "ought to do". But often we end up doing those kinds of jobs due to early influencers such as our parents, teachers and partners who might not always understand our underlying passion.


That's why many people simply don’t know what they want, career wise. They use their head or mind to solve their career issues rather than their heart. This means many people are still searching for their dream or ideal career for much of their working life and never really answer the "what should my career be?" question.


It's far better to base your career decisions upon your emotions and what feels truly right to YOU. Your feelings and emotions are what provide the motivation to get things done in your career. They also energise you and help you to sustain your focus, sense of fun and satisfaction.


Your career is too short and precious to do things you feel you "should do", "ought to do" or "must do". It's YOUR life, after all!


By identifying your true heart’s desire, you'll redirect your career course and achieve a higher level of success, fulfilment and satisfaction than even you dreamed possible.


That's why our “What Job Would Suit You” quiz is so important. It helps you stand back from any past or current career frustrations and tap into your ‘true-self’.


And if you can stretch to it, opt for the profile with a career consultancy session as our consultant will talk you through the career options possible for you.


To complete the "What job would suit me quiz" click over now to the Career Consultants Career Management Profile now and you'll unlock your new career opportunities.

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