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Your University degree is just the start ….

Is your university degree the only qualification that you will ever need?  In some ways, it is not unreasonable to believe that your university degree and your previous years of study will allow you to secure a good job and career without any further academic effort.  Unfortunately though the work-world does not tend to be reasonable and you may find that your academic education is inadequate for the reality of the work environment.


The fact is theory and practise are worlds apart.  Sometimes theory has to be abandoned if deadlines and costs have to be met.  Graduates will soon discover that one of the most valuable things that they have gained from University is their ability to THINK.  If you embrace this skill, you will find your way in an evolving and changing work-world.  It may also help you to forget your perceived graduate ‘status’ and to accept the advice and guidance from your work colleagues.


Post university study, courses and training will help you to keep up-to-date with the latest findings, practices and beliefs.  Some employers will provide training for you and you can always explore the self-study options.  You cannot afford to stand still and therefore it is best if you are in a constant state of ‘learning’.  Your mind will remain in peak condition if you continue to train it.  Remember too that your value is rarely in question if your knowledge is relevant and up-to-date.


Free CV Scan and Analysis

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

Putting the perfect CV together proves to be a challenge for most people. Unlike most documents is it rarely read from beginning to end. It is more like a webpage than a book. To help you, Career Consultants provide a free CV scanning and analysis service. All you need to do is upload your CV below and tell us a little about yourself.


It is quick, easy and free and can make all the difference between your new getting a positive response from employers and recruiters and no response at all.


FREE CV Scan and Analysis

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